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Manaslu Circuit Trek 17 Days

‘enjoy scenic walks and adventure around world 8th highest mountain range’


“A great enjoyable Himalayan journey around Nepal Far North Mid-West
Exceptional scenery of dramatic landscapes of mountains and rolling green hills
From high areas of Gorkha and Manaslu valley to Manang crossing Larke-la pass
Enjoy great views on daily walks of Manaslu-Ganesh Himal with Annapurna peaks
Explore traditional farm villages of low warm to high area of scenic Manaslu valley
Walk around world 8th highest mountain range with glorious mountain views”

Trip Outlook:

Accommodation Mode: Hotel in Kathmandu with local lodge on treks
Trekking Grade: Crossing Larke-La pass at 5,160 m/16,929 ft high.
Trek Duration: 13 Nights and 14 Days (with drive both ways)
Trekking Region: Nepal North Mid-West around Manaslu area of
                     Gorkha district with Manang district after crossing
                     Larke-La Pass.
Total Trip:  16 Nights and 17 Days (arrival to main departure)

Manaslu Circuit Trekking Overview:

Around Nepal Himalaya where some places still remains as restricted area, Manaslu Circuit Trekking falls in the list due to its close border with Tibet where high Manaslu valley was an early Trans Himalayan Salt and Caravan Trail of Nepal to Tibet.

Other main reason is to protect and conserve its pristine environment including immense cultures of great interest allowing limited flow of trekkers to visit around Manaslu where special permit required on this adventure to Manaslu Circuit Trekking.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking an enjoyable walks facing scenery of wide range of mountains that includes main Manaslu range with Bouddha and Himal-Chuli peaks towards east massive bulk of Ganesh Himal.

Beside snow capped mountains where adventure leads you into serene woodland of tall rhododendron, pines, oaks with firs and juniper tree lines, in spring the hill are alive with wild flowers in full bloom with riots of colors.

Walk leads you to explore nice interesting villages of great variation as walk leads you from low warm paddy fields to cooler mid hills and then at arctic zone of ice and glaciers at Larke-la high pass.

The villages higher up around Manaslu Valley interwoven with strong Buddhism religion and culture of age-old heritage similar to Tibetans across the border a mere distance from Sama-Gaon and Samdu the last village within Manaslu valley.

Interesting about Manaslu Circuit Trekking where route leads with great variation as altitude gains on day to day walks from low warm sub-tropical to cooler alpine hills and at barren arid country around high and scenic Manaslu valley.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking starts with long exciting overland journey to reach low area of Nepal Mid-West around Gorkha district then following raging Burigandaki River near to its source near Sama-Gaon at Manaslu valley.

On reaching higher area where tree lines drops heading further west to cross high Larke-la pass rewards you with fabulous panorama of mountains with dramatic landscapes scenery.

From the pass descend to reach back into green forest entering at Manang area where Annapurna circuit joins with Manaslu route at Dharapani village, and finally ending our walks with drive back to Kathmandu after a great marvelous adventure and experience on Manaslu Circuit Trekking.

Season for Manaslu Circuit Trekking:

April to May and September to mid November months are the best times to visit around high Manaslu valley and to cross Larke-la Pass.

April to May spring season when days are longer with much sunlight hours where most morning till afternoon times are clear for views and walks, cold in the morning and night time as well in shade with freezing temperatures without wind-chill factor to add, expect snow sometimes during this time on higher altitude as well on Larke-la Pass.

April and May hills are lively with wild-flowers in full bloom especially the rhododendron of various species and the national flower of Nepal.

September to mid November another good and best season during autumn / fall when most days are clear for mountain views as well for walks but short sun light hours, can be cold during morning / night time and in shade, expect snow on walks around higher elevation including Larke-la pass.

People and Culture:

Lower warm area of Gorkha district and Manaslu region populated by mix tribes of people within Nepal Mid-West farm villages with Hindu Chettries, Brahmin, Dalits includes Gurung, Magar and Tamang hill tribes with some Newar people of both Hindu and Buddhist religions with various interesting culture and traditional farm life.

Higher Manaslu area inhabited by Manaslu people of Tibetan origin with similar Buddhism religion and cultures as Manaslu valley located on route to Tibet border also within Old Trans Himalaya Salt and Caravan Trail of Nepal to Tibet.

Special Note:

Mt. Manaslu towers above 8,163 m and 26,781 ft high as world 8th highest peaks, first ascent by Japanese Expeditions in May 09th 1956 with Nepalese Sherpa climbers.

Manaslu, native name is Kutang of Tibetan origin, where Manaslu word comes from ancient Hindu and Sanskrit language, Manas means mind and soul of a God like the huge and holy Manasrover Lake in Tibet, within Mt. Kailash area.



Day 01:     Arrival at Kathmandu 1,300 m with transfer to hotel.
Day 02:     At Kathmandu free day with optional tour at places of interest.
Day 03:     Drive to Soti Khola via Arughat 710 m -08 hrs.
Day 04:     Trek to Maccha Khola 900m -06 hrs.
Day 05:    Trek to Jagat 1,340 m-06 hrs.
Day 06:     Trek to Deng 1,804m - 06 hrs.
Day 07:     Trek to Namrung 2,630 m-06 hrs.
Day 08:     Trek to Lho-Gaon 3,180 m - 06 hrs.
Day 09:     Trek to Sama-Gaon 3,530 m/11,578 ft - 06 hrs.
Day 10:     Acclimatization day at Sama-Gaon with short hike.
Day 11:     Trek to Samdo 3,860 m/12,660 ft - 04 hrs
Day 12:     Trek to Dharamsala /Larke Base 4,460m /14, 628 ft-04 hrs.
Day 13:     Trek to Bimthang 3,720 m/12, 201 ft via Larke-La pass
                      5,160 m /16, 924 ft -08 hrs.
Day 14:    Trek to Goha 2, 930 m in the midst of forest - 05 hrs.
Day 15:     Trek to Dharapani 1,963 m - 05 hrs.
Day 16:     Drive to Kathmandu via Besisar - 07 hrs.
Day 17:     Final Departure for homeward bound flight or to next port of call.

Detail Itinerary:

Day 01:     Arrival in Kathmandu 1,300 m and transfer to hotel.
On reaching Kathmandu and at Nepal international airport, look for the sign with your name or Mountain Holiday, where our guide or representative receives you with warm welcome and transfers to your hotel in the heart of Kathmandu city.

After checking into your room and time to get refreshed from long hours on flight with jet-leg, then join with other members of Manaslu Circuit Trekking for trip briefing and other useful information to make your holiday enjoyable.

Day 02:     At Kathmandu free day with optional tour at places of interest.
Free day in Kathmandu preparation for next day trekking, relax and enjoy own individual activities or join in our interesting half or full day tour around Kathmandu within World Heritage Sites.

Day 03:     Drive to Soti Khola via Arughat 710 m / 2,328 ft -07 hrs.
Morning depends upon size of the group taking a private cars or four-wheel drive as well on comfortable bus and coach.

Overland journey takes you around Nepal Mid-West towards low warm area at Gorkha district in Arughat, a lively farm town with many shops and stores, lodges.

From Arughat drive continues further following Burigandaki River upstream to reach at Soti-Khola for overnight stop in a small farm village close to the stream of Soti (khola).

Day 04:     Trek to Maccha Khola 900 m -06 hrs.
First day walks begins after overnight at Soti-Khola, where route takes you to steep valley within forested areas past many small villages that dots green hillside, as walk leads into a wide valley opposite to a large tributary stream that joins with Burigandaki River. 

Nice views of cultivated terrace of Lapbesi upper village as walk descend to a wide, sandy riverbed as walk follows path that meanders below a steep, craggy valley side. 

As journey progress climb to Machha Khola for overnight stop, another small farm village with teashops and nice simple small lodge for overnight accommodation, where the word Maccha Fish hence the name as Machha Khola (stream).

Day 05:    Trek to Jagat 1,340 m-06 hrs.
After Machha-Khola coming across many interesting farm villages with neat cultivated fields, where vegetation changes gradually as altitude gains along with cooler climate, as morning walk leads to cross a stream where Machha Khola (Fish stream) name comes from.

From here walk upstream towards Bensi village a place with natural hot spring known as ‘Tatopani’ in Nepali. 

As walk continues where valley becomes turns narrow and steeper, as our trail switches to left bank of the river and then crossing suspension bridge, after a short period of walks enter into cool shade of forest to reach at Doban located on the high shelf of Burigandaki River. 

After few refreshing stops walk leads across a broad gravel field towards Lauri stream and then crossing suspension bridge which leads to a climb on high trails and then descending into open valley of Yara Khola, as our journey continues on for another hour to reach at Jagat village for overnight stop.

Jagat a nice looking farm village of moderate size after Arughat; people are of mix race with Magar, Chettries, Brahman, Manaslu Bhotia (Tibetan looking tribes) and some Newar people. 

Day 06:     Trek to Deng 1,804 m - 06 hrs.
From Jagat village, morning walk leads to higher side of the hill past rural farm villages and descend to cross a bridge reaching at Nagjet and then walking past Philim, a large farm village with scattered houses. 


After Philim walk leads around farm terraces of golden agriculture fields of wheat, barley, as climb leads above rocky ridge within a forest of bamboo to reach at Deng village for overnight stop.


Day 07:     Trek to Namrung 2,630 m -06 hrs.
After pleasant overnight at Deng, morning walk leads to much cooler area, as journey continues for few hours on steep sided within scenic valley, encountering Mani prayer stone walls as walk leads at Ghap a nice village with stop for possible lunch break.

After Ghap walk altitude gains entering into alpine and coniferous woodland where path meanders with steep up as valley opens out with extensive pastures and then crossing a large stream flowing from the glacier of Lidana.

On route facing great views of Manaslu where local name is Kutang (Manaslu) Himal range includes Pang Phuchin 6,335m, Saula Himal 6,235m with many unnamed peaks of above 6000m. 

Walk from here on slow uphill as altitude gains slowly heading past farm village to reach at Namrung for overnight stop, this village with other name as Sho Namru.

Day 08:     Trek to Lho-Gaon 3,180 m- 06 hrs.

Spending wonderful overnight stops at Namrung, morning starts heading into more spread out farm fields and Yak herder huts with shelter, around high Manaslu valley people much engaged in farming during summer, where young folks in winter travels to big cities of Nepal and India for trade and to escape the cold winter. 

From here walk leads to high and scenic valley all the way to Lho Gaon a nice village for overnight stop, an attractive villages of high Manaslu valley, at Lho-Gaon enjoy close views of towering Manaslu North Face.

Around Lho, with time visit the monastery, numerous chhorten and Mani walls with views of Ganesh Himal towards east.

Day 09:     Trek to Sama-Gaon 3,530 m/11,578 ft-06 hrs.
From Lo-Gaon walk leads to nice gradual path as high altitude gains slowly and then walking with slow climb with grand views of Peak 29 ahead, after few hours head into a small forested area at Shala village offers excellent view of Phungi, Manaslu and Himal Chuli. 

Walk for few hours further as day completes on reaching at Sama-Gaon a village, with super close views of Mt. Manaslu. 

Day 10:     Acclimatization day at Sama-Gaon for local exploration.
At Sama-Gaon village to support acclimatization before heading towards high Larke-La pass. 

A rest day in this interesting village where you can explore around scenic area and visit old Monastery of Nyligpa (red hat sect) sect of Buddhism, where local of high Manaslu valley migrated from South West Tibet some 400 years back where custom and culture of ancient Buddhist heritage similar to its origin Tibetan predecessor. 

The local villagers are still active with trade and bartering across the border with Tibet taking few days to reach the frontier of Nepal and Tibet, actually located on old Trans Himalayan Salt Trade route of the two countries.

Day 11:     Trek to Samdo 3,860 m/ 12,660 ft - 04 hrs.
After rest day at Sama-Gaon, morning pleasant walk of more than four hours to reach the last village of Gorkha and Manaslu valley at Samdo, starts with slow climb as elevation gains gradually, then taking time with short break to enjoy surrounding wonderful views of peaks and dramatic terrains.

As walk continues finally ending at Samdo village with short climb to reach a small flat plateau where the village located, moderate size village of more than forty houses with about two hundred villagers living this high harsh country.

Day 12:     Trek to Dharamsala /Larke Base 4,460 m / 14, 628 ft-04 hrs.
On leaving the last village of upper Manaslu valley and high Gorkha area where walk leads at the end of the valley, facing amazing snow capped peaks views with of Mt. Manaslu.

As walk continues crossing few icy streams to reach at Larke Phedi means bottom of the pass, also known as Dharmasala means ‘travelers rest house / shade’, where in early days also called Larke Bazaar, (where trade and bartering was held between merchant-traders of Gorkha-Manaslu-Manang people and Tibetans on this remote isolated spot).

At Larke Phedi afternoon free for short walks and preparations for next early morning long climb and descend crossing high Larke-La pass to reach Manang areas. 

Day 13:     Trek to Bimthang 3,720 m/12, 201 ft via Larke-La pass
5,160m /16, 924 ft -08 hrs.

Early morning before dawn climb over moraine of rocks and boulders (in snow 

condition tough job to find the right traul).


Walk continues past ablation of glacial section where climb leads north of Larke glacier, with views of Cho Danda and Larke Peak, as climb get steeper to reach  top of Larke-la, adorned with thousands of Buddhist colorful prayer flags. 

From the top enjoy panorama of Himlung, Cheo Himal, Kang Guru and Annapurna II includes series of Manaslu peaks.

Enjoying mountain views with long descend to reach back within green forest and tree lines as walk leads to Larcia and at Tambuche which is the bottom of the pass, where few walk takes you at Bhimthang for overnight.

Bhimthang a nice spot located on green valley houses number of lodges within dense tree of rhododendron-pines and oaks.

Day 14:    Trek to Goha 2, 930 m in the midst of forest - 05 hrs.
From Bhimthang much easier walks on downhill with some short climb on route to Gho and Dharapani villages, morning with views of peaks heading with gradual walk into thick alpine woodland. 

Walk into beautiful forest areas on reaching a small clearing in the midst of woodland at Goha for overnight stop, a cattle and yak herders summer pasture area.

Day 15:     Trek to Dharapani 1,963 m - 05 hrs.
Morning walk follows downhill to complete our last walk of the adventure as trail leads into deep forest and at open area to reach nice place Tilje village.

From Tilje cross over a bridge and with last final steep climb for short while to reach a large and nice lovely Dharapani village for overnight stop, located on junction of famous and popular Annapurna Circuit trail and Around Manaslu Trekking route. 

Dharapani located on a river gorge with lovely tree lines where motorable has been constructed since past few years, the village provides excellent lodges.

After a marvelous adventure on Manaslu Circuit, as adventure walk completes   

where morning drive from Dharapani follows Marysangdi River downstream for 

sometime past Tal Besi-Chamje and Jagat villages, and then downhill to low warm country and back into paddy fields to reach at large town of Besisar, headquarter of Lamjung district for overnight stop.

Day 16:     Drive to Kathmandu via Besisar - 07 hrs.
Final adventure completes taking a morning long and exciting drive back to Kathmandu as journey continues past towns and farm villages to reach main highway of Kathmandu and Pokhara at Dumre town.

From here on good smooth road past Mugling Bazaar following Trisuli River upstream for an hour and then heading on winding zig-zag uphill to reach at the valley rim and then ending our marvelous Manaslu Circuit on reaching your hotel. 

Day 17:     Final Departure for homeward bound flight or to next port of call.
After marvelous adventure with exciting time in Nepal depart from the hotel for your international flight back home on completing wonderful adventure around Manaslu Circuit Trekking.

  • Airport pick up and drop

  • 3 Nights Kathmandu Accommodation in BB Basis at 3 star category hotel

  • Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing by car/van/ microbus

  • Experienced English speaking guide for sightseeing and trekking

  • Porter (1 porter for 2 persons)

  • Permit Cards

  • TIMS Card

  • Kathmandu-Arughat and Syange-Katmandu transport tourist bus

  • Bed and Breakfast during trek

  • Trekking gears- Walking poll, sleeping bag, down jacket

  • Trekking route map

  • Nepali SIM card

  • First Aid Kid 

  • Nepal Visa 

  • Travel insurance 

  • Lunch and Dinner 

  • Personal beverages and laundries 

  • Tipping for Guide and Porter

  • Anything not mention above.